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Hue are You?

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Firstly, I finished my double rainbow socks and just absolutely adore them. They are practically all wool except for the little touch of nylon that makes sock yarns socky. They are so warm and cozy and ultra comfy (I did a short row heel on them and actually like the fit better than my heel flap socks)


But, my last post about wearing color made me start thinking about color in general. What’s your favorite color? Do you wear your fav color, or surround yourself with it in decor? Both? Do you think you define yourself by color choices- do you act differently in a red dress than in a LBD? Lastly, if you were a color, what color would you be?

And also, any crafters- this is my post and I’m making it a crafty open thread for you to post pics for many praises since the craft sub blogs seem stagnant (unless there is a new Kinja craft place I don’t know aboout)

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