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Welcome To The Bitchery

Most of us here are pretty big fans of RuPaul's Drag Race, and just as many would probably agree that the show is definitely not without problems.

For instance, there's a huge debate over Ru's use of transphobic language. See for example, this season's "female or she-male?" mini challenge.

Trans artist Our Lady J weighs in with her thoughts on the subject.

Thoughts? Personally, I'm of the opinion that everyone is entitled to use whatever language they feel like using to describe themselves. Buuuut... that doesn't mean that people outside of a particular group have the right to use those descriptors. Also, just because some members of a particular group may be okay with an outsider or an ally using certain descriptors, that doesn't mean it's okay to use that language with other members of that group. Especially those who feel otherwise and do find those descriptors offensive.


In other words, don't use potentially offensive language unless you're certain your audience is okay with it.

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