First men should have whatever style they like out of style or not. If they like it let them have it.

1. The author seemed to have forgotten the 70s was the decade of the male perm. Example Brady Bunch.

That is Mike Brady, the dad then Pete finally Greg. Cannot recall if youngest son got a perm.


3. Mutton chops. I would give anything for these mutton chops.

Its from Oliver the movie musical the picture is of Oliver Reed. Sure he was the most vile villians in musical history but those mutton chops. I would love mutton chops like that and his hair, I have so little, had so much.


The article.

Any style of the seventeen you want to come back? My mother said zero plus she added the long hair hippie look. I cannot tell you how much she hates that look.


My male cousin in the 1970s also got a perm and my grandmother wanted me to get one. I said no. Everytime my male cousin came over she felt his curls. He is about 25 years older then I am.