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Do you think the Internet makes for crabby buttheads? Or, do you think that crabby buttheads populate the Internet?

Which came first?

What do we really think of comments on the Internet? Good? Bad? Somewhere in the middle?


I see a call going out about ending comments on Gawker Media. I mean, that's not happening, you know, ever, unless there is money to be made with it, but I have been seeing this other thing happening where there appears to be a lot of irritation, anger, resentment between some of the writers of Gawker media and the people posting on Gawker media. In other words, I get the sense that some of the writers on the main pages kind of, you know, viciously hate those commenting.

I mean, maybe there's a reason for that. I'm sure a lot of people commenting are turd-infested crankholes. (Hell, I've said some stupid ass things and repeatedly. Fine! I embrace that whole not being perfect thing and even being a jerk myself on occasion as completely true.) I'm certain tensions run high, etc. etc. etc. Hysteria occurs. Absolutely!
Kittens. run. amok.

The dripping sarcasm and very lightly covered contempt are kind of off-putting, however, after a bit, speaking from the other end of the spectrum, as a person posting. Why so much anger and contempt? Anyway, just thinking the thoughts.

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