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Hey all. Please hug your furbabies in the spirit of my baby who has been sent over the rainbow bridge today. Feel free to share about your furbabies here (the ones you love and the ones that you’ve lost). I could use some beautiful photos and stories today.


We finally put our baby to sleep today. He had his first real good day in weeks. He played with a ball, he ate his whole breakfast, he remembered who I was. We were thankful my husband’s family’s vet could compassionately put him down. The vet had only met our boy minutes earlier but there was not a dry eye in the room because I truly believe my baby was loved by any that met him. We buried him under a tree my husband planted as a kid on his parent’s property. I’m so thankful that I had my in laws there and that my husband is such an amazing steward to our kids and our animals because he’s been bathing and cleaning our dog for the past two weeks regularly. I got to hold him as he passed. It’s hard knowing our little girl will arrive having not known my first baby at all but I’m glad now I can rest for a few days before she comes. Our little Scottie girl is very confused about where her brother has gone but she will help us as we move on.

I adopted my baby boy after a friend fostered him. I drove across two states from my parents’ house to pick his skinny little self up. He was nervous, had some bad habits, but was easy to please. I was a bipolar grad student with TERRIBLE OCD and my therapist thought getting a dog was the best thing I could do. We solved his submissive urination issue (born out of fear of an owner who had abused him) working together. He healed my heart. My family fell in love with him and took him on for me while I did field research abroad. He became a true family member. When I met my husband, he fell in love with him as much as I did and my husband who swore he couldn’t love a small dog was just as attached. They were best buddies. When we adopted our Scottie girl, our boy adopted her open-arms (even though he was much more a people dog than a dog dog). We got her because he had gotten some arthritis and we thought he might benefit from movement. She gave him some more time but eventually, he had dementia and just slowly lost touch with reality. He’s been with me for North American travels, grad school, getting married, an entire dissertation, a miscarriage, and a really awful pregnancy that is about to end in a birth of a baby girl who I’m sad won’t know him. He was in our engagement announcement and in my dissertation’s acknowledgements.
I’ve seen too many grown men cry in the past week over our 7 lb little man. My father in law and dad have cried (my mom just texted me dad started crying and saying “I love that little dog” because they live far). I’m ready to move forward but I won’t take for granted the love I got from him.

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