I want to have a bath, but I got a haircut and my hair is blow-dried all pretty.

I am about seven different kinds of inept when it comes to hairstyling. My hair will never look as good as it does right now. Until the next time I get a haircut.

My blow-dries usually last a good 24-36 hours, which means it will still look good tomorrow. Which is important, because I also have my first teaching session at the undergraduate level tomorrow.

But because of this, I'm kinda stressed and would like a bath.

All of this is a lead up to my important question: How do you (how do I) blow dry your hair and make it not look like a fuzz ball? Because, um, that's a problem for me.


Your advice is very important because it will determine whether I get in the tub and try and salvage my hair, or stay on my couch watching reruns of The Good Wife, where Alicia is rocking a better version of my hairstyle than I ever will...