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Huge Manatees: Employment Thoughts

There's a job opening on campus.

It's for ... coordinating programs for incoming freshmen. This program is the one that technically employes me (via my department) in the fall semesters. I'm not sure that it has much of anything to do with my eventual career path, but it pays approximately 14 manatees and it's y'know. In our town.

I applied for it last year, when I was only making 3 manatees. This year, I'm not set to make 14 manatees, but I will be earning significantly more manatees? That is, assuming, I stick with teaching and not the other job.

When this position was open last year, I applied for it and wasn't interviewed. But I'm still here and the person they hired is not. FluterDude sees dollar signs (and manatees!) and wants me to put my hat in the ring.

I am not certain.
Thoughts, GT?


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