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Hugs? (ETA Added)

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I am waiting to find out if we are breaking up. We had a talk about my needs Sunday, and then shit went down Friday/Saturday that has left me pretty mad at him. He sent an apology that felt like a non-apology to me last night, and I responded with a long Facebook message today explaining why I was mad and my other feelings.

He responded that he had no excuse and that I could accept his apology or walk away, and that he wouldn't blame me if I walked away. He said it might be better that way.


I said I don't expect everything to be perfect. I don't expect him to be perfect. Every relationship has ups and downs, and this is a down. This was a mistake and I will make mistakes too, but we need to talk about this kind of thing and feelings and figure out how to communicate better so we can try to prevent things like this from happening. I said I was willing to move past this, since I've said my piece. I asked if he was still in this and if he felt like we could make this work.

He's read it, but he hasn't responded. I don't know how to feel. I feel that sinking feeling that always precedes a breakup, and things haven't been great lately. I've been pretty unhappy, but I was hopeful after our talk last week Sunday. The Fri/Sat incident hurt even worse because we had that conversation, though. I don't feel ready to give up on this, but I don't know.

Oh, and this is the last week of classes. 2 projects and 2 presentations this week worth most or all of my grades, plus my first official final exam this Saturday. When it rains, it pours.

ETA: We've talked about our feelings. We're putting a pin in this tonight. With the semester ending, this is just about the worst possible time for this to come to a head, and we're both tired and stressed out of our minds. Thanks for the support.

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