Here’s the thing business titans...soft focus platitudes are nice and all but don’t expect us to be pacified with that. Unless you’re planning on:

  • Paying a living wage for every job ($15 minimum)
  • Converting contract employees and long term temps to permanent benefits eligible employees and paying all interns a living wage
  • Staffing at proper levels instead of insisting 8 employees do the work of 20
  • Creating sensible family leave policies
  • Fighting for affordable universal healthcare
  • On-site childcare ...hey We Work, what if some of your stupid co-working spaces (that are in every goddamned building it feels like) were converted to childcare spaces (or subsidize childcare)
  • For jobs requiring physical labor - expanded sick leave/alternate duty and full spectrum free physical therapy on site so workplace injuries can be treated with something other than painkillers
  • Working to manage the student loan crisis
  • Working to create a fair and transparent guest worker program instead ofhiring undocumented immigrants at unfair wages and threatening them with deportation so they don’t complain.
  • Cutting CEO pay and tying it to employee wages
  • Stopping Wall Street bonuses (or at least making them less excessive, maybe tie those to employee salaries too?)
  • Taxing capital gains at a higher rate, getting behind a tax on the 1% and also the financial transactions tax (where each stock sale/transfer etc is taxed like .003 cents)

Then we’ll stay suspicious thanks.

Feel free to add things that should happen in comments, I’m sure I’ve forgotten a bunch!!


(as ever screw Kinja that won’t let me post gifs)