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How? In the private sector if a person holds this views and publicly espouses racism, attacks their boss along with libel against the boss’s wife they would be fired. If the job involved the public wicked fast firing.

I saw this cover at the grocery store so decided to read it online. The cover shows a tiny fracrion. One thing that disturbs me is the envirronment that made him think it would be ok to write this even on private on Facebook. It takes one person who sees the private messages and cut and paste them.


I am stunned firng is not a possibility. Every case involving a minority will now be possibly opened up to an appeal that he was involved in. This will cost NYC a lot. Every future case there will be questions if his racial attitudes did not influence an arrest.

You cannot have him involved in the public with these attitudes and every case will be poisoned if he is involved.

Also calling your boss’s wife a former crack addict is such a firable offense. Its libelous but also so disresptful for not just the boss but the organization. Let alone his opinion about Bratton.


This is just one of two things I saw today. The second will be posted later tonight. So hang on and stayed tuned to same Batpage but different Battime. It involves magazines that are 50 plus years old.

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