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Huh what

I have more relationship drama.

The Ex and I finally filed for a legal separation...after he overdrew my bank account (my bad, totally my fault for not telling the motherfucker to get the fuck off and just give me the money for the bills).

That guy who I was sleeping with, we'll call him Confused. Confused never knows what the fuck he's doing or what he wants. Anyway, we didn't talk for a while. From what I've gathered and what he's told me, his ex (who I know and who wanted me at one point in time to teach her how to work the stripper pole, awkward) immediately started asking him to get back together once she found out who he had been sleeping with. So then a couple days ago he starts texting me again. I probably should've blocked his number and not responded to his text, but I did because I was bored and also drunk. He's in grad school an hour way and asked me if I wanted to come up and cook curry with him and listen to records and spend the night. I declined because I haven't got time or money to drive an hour away to sleep with an asshole. So after that I don't hear anything from him until today:

"I gathered my thoughts and accepted that she and I are finished romantically. I went over Sunday night to tell her how I felt and that I needed space to move on. She asks me again to get back together and try to work it out and I said okay. The next morning she said she was uncertain and that she had made a mistake. I'm actually done now and I'm going to do what I need to do for myself from now on."


I'm just not responding. I don't even know what to say to that. I feel bad in a way, because this guy and I have a very complicated history and he was there for me and helped me out of my relationship with another ex of mine who was abusive. When I told him I was packing my shit and leaving, he was over within 15 minutes and helped me pack my things and drove me to my parents in his car because I was shaking and crying to much to drive. Then after he helped me unpack my things, I stayed at his place for three days and we watched movies.

I can't feel too bad though, because I've got to take care of myself too. I'm sort of bummed about the whole thing, but not as much as I expected myself to be. I'm really getting comfortable being alone and I like being alone. I can't imagine jumping into another relationship and having to tell someone else what I'm doing and where I'm going and whatever else.

Thanks GT, for listening to my crazy stories/rants.

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