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Huh. With friends like these, and so on and so forth

Boo that my first post on the new GT is a downer. I'm trying hard to keep a stiff upper lip and NOT feel sorry for myself right now, but shit.

I'd posted on an open thread last month about feeling lonely and isolated because all of my friends were in relationships and dropped me for their significant others (and the most recent to ditch me had even promised that I'd never become her "insignificant other" if she ever found an SO), and a number of other stresses in my life were building up but I had no one to talk to because of the above. And yeah, that's a significant stress in and of itself to reach out to friends only to be shut down constantly because they're always doing something with their SO for the night or date you suggest, no matter how far in advance you try to plan something as simple as hanging out drinking coffee. La de da. Thankfully I got to talk to people on that thread and in GT, so with this outlet I have been making significant advances in returning to a better mental state and having a more positive outlook on things.


Anyway, the aforementioned "I'll never ditch you! Oh wait, I have a fiancee now so toodles!" friend just texted me to ask if I had plans for tonight (which, haha, of course I don't!). When I replied to tell her I was free, instead of a simple, "oh, sorry, plans changed," she proceeded to send a multi-text rapid-fire response detailing the fun activities I was going to be invited to do with her and how her fiancee decided he wanted it to be a date night with her alone so I was being uninvited. Thanks, buddy, for describing to me what I'll be missing out on when you know full well I don't get to do fun things with friends these days. I wouldn't have given it a second thought if it was just a "plans changed, catch you next time" kind of simple response, but her play-by-play followed by the "tee hee, date night!" just sent me into a funk. It's a fucking beautiful day, but now I'm sitting here debating whether or not I'll go out and treat myself to a dinner out alone again, or if I'll just go buy some cupcakes and eat them at home alone. Always good to have that blatant reminder that you're being shut out of friendships because you're single.

Guh. I'll get over it, but I'm pissed and stunned and hurt by the way she handled this invite-uninvite. I prefer being single for a number of reasons, but it really sucks when that means no one wants to be around you any more. It sucks even more when people rub it in your face that you're missing out on neat events because you're single. I just needed to wallow for a little bit and be all WTF about what just happened. wallowwallowwallow.

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