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I am so pissed off. Unbelievably pissed off.

A few weeks ago, this elderly man started coming into my work. He was a bit chatty and had a lot of tech questions, so I didn't think anything of him at first because that describes 85% of our clientele. I realized that something was weird about this guy when he came in every day and would stay for hours at a time without buying anything. He always very specifically wanted to talk to me, and would stand and watch me interact with customers. Then one day he got a little bolder and handed his ancient cellphone and told me to put my number into it. I told him that I don't deal in antiques and to not speak to me again. Even after this event, he kept coming in and just staring at me. He would wait until I left the register to put something away on the floor away from other employees and try to corner me to get me to talk to him. Each time I told him to leave me alone and would grab one of my managers.

Then a couple weekends ago, he was hanging around the store being creepy as usual. One of my coworkers was asking about the guy when a customer overhears and asks "Is it a guy with a plaid hat?" Come to find out this customer's daughter works at the cookie shop next door and he was there to tell the old plaid hat guy to stay the fuck away from his daughter. His daughter is 16 and plaid hat guy told her he knew how to get girls to take naked pictures for him. That night old plaid hat guy was escorted off of the premises by police, so I thought we wouldn't be seeing him again. I was wrong. He started coming in more often, and for longer periods of time. He would be in the store 3 times a day, sometimes for hours. Security kept escorting him out, but he would be back each time. I asked security if they could ban him, and I was told no, they could only escort him out each time he came in.


This guy has harassed women up and down the mall. He's asked women at the grocery down the hall on dates, harassed women in all the nearby boutiques and salons, and even harassed a 16 year old, which police are still involved with.

So on Thursday he came in, as he usually does. He stood at a table display near the register and stared at me for about an hour. I come home and tell my husband that he's still there and still creeping, so on Friday during his lunch break my husband called mall security. He was not very nice about it, and I was told by one of the security guards that plaid hat guy would be kicked out and banned for trespassing. Turns out not until they get witness statements from my co-workers and all the young women of the mall. So guess who has been back this weekend? Plaid hat guy.

I am just so angry. Why is it this hard to get this perv kicked out? There have been multiple incidents with multiple women across the mall, some involving police, and this guy can still come back and creep on the same women. What the fuck.

Yesterday I was very literally going to punch someone in the mouth. First plaid hat guy decided to show his gross pervy mug, then I had a customer give me his card so he could take nude pictures of me. RAAAAAAAAAGGGGEEEE.


Almost everyone I work with seems to think it's funny and that I'm too worked up about it. A coworker even told me "That's what you get for being so pretty and dressing up all the time." This is totally my fault for wearing make-up and fashionable clothes. RAAAAAAGGGEEEEEE.

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