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Welcome To The Bitchery

Hulu Sponsorship Today, Featuring Misfits

After watching the series 5 premiere, I'm not so sure Jezebel would support this show. So why are its banners all over the site?

The premiere's big moment was a man raping an unconscious man, and then everyone was fine with it, because the devil inside him was gone. IT WAS SOOOOO WEIRDDDDD!!!! (not just weird-strange, but weird for the show. I adore the show. I don't know WTF that was.) I'm still traumatized, a day later. I'm seriously considering abandoning this show. My favorite characters are all dead or shipped off to other places, and the new characters are far less loveable (obviously).


I find it really strange that a site like Jezebel would be okay with this sponsorship. I find it less strange that the folks at Hulu would be that clueless.

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