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Exhibit A: A grown ass man who has traveled overseas many times asked me today a) if he needs to bring photo ID to fly (FUCKING, WHAAAAAA???) b) if he should bring cash on a trip (AGAIN, WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?) and c) if I could email him reminders of what to pack and plan an itinerary of activities for him.

Y’all. I am not married to this man. I did not give birth to this man. This man is older than I am and I guarantee has more miles under his belt than I do.


Also, NO I will not write you a packing list/come up with your plans for you!!!

Exhibit B: I had a student who took half an hour of my time yesterday, asking me to explain how he plagiarized. No problem. We sat down, I showed him examples, explained how to fix it in the future, made sure he understood why it’s an issue and he needs to understand how to quote properly.

Today, he tried to engage in the same conversation with me, going so far as to say, “What’s the big deal?” The big deal is that you plagiarized, asshole! He then tried to demand more of my time and argue with me about whether lifting entire sentences without any attempt at citation, or even fucking quotation marks, is plagiarism.




Exhibit C: A computer at the teaching station in one of my classrooms wouldn’t let me into the Office suite of programs yesterday. Fine. Shit happens. Today, it wouldn’t let me log in at all. I called IT and told them about the problem after class. The man at the other end of the line suggested I need a new password.

Mother. Fucker.

“No. My password is not even 3 months old. Our passwords are good for 6 months. And every other computer I’ve logged into yesterday and today has been fine. It’s this computer.”


His answer: “Well, it could just be your profile on that computer. Have you tried clearing your browser history?”

“Soooo, I can’t log into a single computer and it’s because of my browser history? And what about the Office programs?”


Him: “Yeah, it could be.”

“Well, I don’t think that’s it since, as I said, every other computer has worked perfectly for me and I’m on multiple computers in multiple rooms every day.”


Him: “Well, can you go back into that room and log in so I can check it out remotely?”

Me: “NO. I. Cannot. Log. In. And I have things to do. Like grade papers. Can you please send someone to that room to fix it?”


After the longest fucking sigh in the world, he says, “Ok, but I really think it’s your profile and you’re going to need to log in to that computer so we can fix it.


Like, I know I’m just a dumb girl and everything, but I even slowed it down when I told you that I CANNOT LOG INTO THE FUCKING COMPUTER!!!

And changing my password sure as shit ain’t gonna make it so Word doesn’t crash every damn time I open it.


I just... the entitlement is mind-boggling. I can’t imagine demanding this kind of time, attention, and energy from someone else. And with no self-awareness. No, “You’re right, I can find out if I need photo ID to board a fucking plane on google.” No, “Oh, yeah, you did explain this fully to me yesterday.” No, “That’s true, you’re not paid to be an IT worker, fair.”

So, I say again, and with gusto:

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