What better way to honour my new posting ability (happy dance!)

Some of you may know I've recently been diagnosed with ME / CFS - luckily I'm "only" bad enough to have lost my job and career future. Some guys are bedridden. Anyhoo, there isn't a set medical treatment; they tend to treat any particular symptoms bothering you at the time (e.g. depression). I'm "crunchy" enough to consider alternatives, so after a bit of a waiting list I had my first ever acupuncture session today.

I'm not normally too shy about medical stuff, but there were a lot of questions about periods and poo. And I had 3 students sitting in on the appointment. I made a quip about them needing a Bristol Stool Scale.


You know you wanted to see that!

So we carry on, they crowd round to inspect my tongue, I get my pulse taken, and then I get asked "So how long have you been a nun?"


After several minutes of excruciatingly British polite awkwardness, we worked out that when she had asked my occupation, I'd said "None.". Which I pronounce exactly as "Nun". No wonder we skipped over the "are you trying to conceive?" questions section!


Ah haha got the HR tags right on the fourth attempt - I'll class that as a glorious victory.