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Human Trafficking: A Dutch Campaign And Other Problems.

This is an ad shot in Amsterdam, called "Girls Gone Wild In Red Light District".

I wouldn't be surprised if the guys were actors, but their reaction after realizing that the show symbolizes a trafficking scheme is a good example of how people tend to ignore those problems because they don't have a concrete idea of it; the exploited women are just distant strangers.

This is a big deal around the world. In South America, it is not uncommon to have agencies that pretty much farm young models, given that the South American woman is seen as good looking. This leads to all kinds of exploitation.

I recall walking around the streets at night in Switzerland (and friends did the same in Spain, Italy) and noticing that the sex workers were mostly Brazilian (like myself). It was so much that some salesclerks around the "red light street" spoke a little of bit of Portuguese. These women moved there to be models under false contracts and promises, and are basically enslaved.

To top it off, the World Cup + Olympic Games are about to happen, and hopefully they will not lead to a plethora of sex tourism. The police has strong campaigns, but enforcing it depends a lot on the tourists as well.


"Here sexual exploitation is not tourism, it's a crime"

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