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Humanity is just unbelievably stupid and most likely doomed

As individuals, most human beings have a certain amount of intelligence. But as a whole we are just ridiculously stupid and stubborn. Latest confirmation coming from scientists is that a massive chunk of the Antarctic ice shelf is going to slide into the ocean. Not may or could unless we change our ways. It is going to slide into the ocean. Nothing we can do to stop it at this point. It's already too late. Chances are it will probably take the entire Western Antarctic shelf with it, resulting in eventual rises of somewhere between 3-5 meters.

As a little visual aid, here are some images of what a rise of just two meters will do to various parts of the world (more can be found here):


A fuller list of cities threatened by 2070 includes:

Miami, New York, Calcutta, New Orleans, London, Vancouver, Rio de Janerio, Brisbane, Melbourne, Rangoon, Lagos, Inchon, Benghazi, St. Petersburg, Madras, Jakarta, Dubai, Lisbon, Dublin, Copenhagen, Singapore, Buenos Aires, Helsinki, Karachi, Tokyo, Shanghai and Hong Kong

There are over 1,400 cities that are predicted to be underwater by the end of the century unless significant flood works are built.


And here we sit, still have the same tiresome arguments with Climate Change deniers where they say the evidence isn't yet in that Global Warming exists or that the scientific community is silencing debate.


That sketch with John Oliver about a representative climate change debate, while hilarious, is sadly true. As a whole humanity is fiddling while Rome burns...or more likely floods.

At least I live on the top of a hill....

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