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Humans (OK, guys) are really irritating (ETA)

I couldn't reply in the open thread, so now I'm going Full Post about BF/FB (sometimes Boyfriend/sometimes Fuck Buddy). I've come back from a work trip and I'm EXHAUSTED, but still super DTF. We didn't do anything last weekend, despite my being unusually upfront, because he finally reveals he was sore/tired from work (he's pretty low energy, so its sometimes hard to tell). But when he realized I was going to be away the next two weekends and busy in between, he was like, "What time do you get home? I'll be there when you get home." Whatevs Dude.

So I get home today and there is a text from him: "Delayed getting out of here—will text when I leave." It sounds like it might be in the next hour or so, right? Thank god I know he has no sense of time, so I just got my Vietnamese food, did laundry and other shit.


BF/FB (FOUR HOURS LATER): "I am SO headed out now, kinda sore, but feeling super"

ME: why are you rushing up here if you don't feel well?

BF/FB: "OK, I'll take it easy" [I assume he's just staying home]

TWO HOURS LATER: "Really walking out the door"

If I'm not getting laid, then I'd rather just get stuff done without him under foot.

ETA: So he's here, shaven (unusual for a Sunday) and disconcerted that I didn't leap up from the keyboard.

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