Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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I was sitting in a half full lobby between classes to eat my lunch. I was chewing on a piece of chicken when a grain of breadcrumb went into my lungs. I was about to die because I couldn't cough but then I... I farted you guys.


Everyone turned to look at me because my fart was still echoing due to the high ceilings and lack of carpet. My fart unlodged my bolus and I could breathe.


I wish I had choked to death you guys. I had to pack up my lunch, pack up my binders and grab my umbrella and water and try to find somewhere away from people who knew. The worst part is that since I was choking and then blinded by my humiliation, I was blinded and don't know who saw me! Everyone who walks by me might know!

You guys, I need gifs and I need them NOW!

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