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Humiliation kink


So I haven't told you guys this yet, but I recently started doing webcam modeling again. I have some past experience with it but things in that "field" have changed a lot since I first quit. Things are more...intense now. And the money is MUCH better. But I suppose that's all besides the point.

The other night I was working and a guy messaged me saying that he has trouble talking to women and that he's a 35 year old virgin. He asked me to view his webcam. Normally I don't view cams unless a guy is paying for a private show, but he had tipped me a significant amount of money and I am a sucker for a sob story so I obliged. He wasn't bad looking and had a great body. But the look on his face was somewhat alarming. He looked absolutely ashamed and a bit sad.


We chatted for a bit with mostly me just trying to give him a bit of encouragement and a self esteem boost. Then he expressed that he wanted me to "use him" and tell him what to do. Treat him like my bitch.

Ohhhhh. Okay. I get it! This guy is into being humiliated. I've dealt with stranger requests. So we do some pretty harmless power play type stuff with humiliation and so forth. Nothing too crazy since a. I'm inexperienced in this arena and b. I didn't want to go too hard on this guy since I couldn't totally figure him out. He paid me well. And he wanted to keep going 2 more times. The entire time he had this look on his face though! That pathetic ashamed look...

He messaged me yesterday apologizing for his "behavior". I didn't message him back because I couldn't tell if he was being serious or if he just wanted to play with me again.

Here's the thing-

Is this guy just really good at playing the role of the sad pathetic virgin who wants to be punished? Or did I just do something really awful? I would hate to think that I contributed to this guys issues. But then again...he's on a fucking sex site asking for a sexual service and I gave it to him. Anyone have any experience in this? Can you shed some light for me?


Note: I have already decided that this type of service is not one that I will be offering again. I'm clearly not cut out for it. I'm really just curious as to how it works.

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