Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Hunkering-down/ Staying-in plans?

With all the “self-isolation” plans, school closings, and businesses being recommended to close down amid the Covid-19 outbreak, what are *Your* “staying away” plans, GT?

Are you looking forward to getting some things off your “to do” lists?

Are you planning to do some deep-cleaning?

Home-repairs, as long as you feel healthy?

Art-y or craft-y projects?

Catching up on sleep and reading?

Or, perhaps, are you in a job which *doesn’t* allow you to stay home, so are you picking up extra hours & shifts, whilst trying to avoid contact with non-work entities?


Are you considering yourself one of the lucky ones so far, in this giant mess? Or is this simply a metric crap-ton of stress & bother?

Lastly, Are you seeking recommendations *or* do you have ideas to share with folks who may need some ideas to get through this?


We all do better, when we ALL do better” was something one of my favorite former senators used to say a bunch.

Let’s see if, perhaps, we can make this a little better for each other...yes?

What’s good tonight, GT?

Recipes you want to share/try, ideas to prevent boredom, whatever you feel like asking about/sharing, feel free.💖 

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