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Hunt For The Perfect Vikki Dougan Dress Over!

I am "The Back"! I found the dress!

Jezebel posted a while ago about Vikki and how she inspired Jessica Rabbit. I discovered my fashion icon that day. She brought sexy back (pun!) before Timberlake. Le-frickin'-git.


I got the dress on Etsy, after months of Googling "Backless Vikki Dugan Dress". It's from the store Ekcoutfits, which I suggest all y'all Etsy fanatics check out. Sweetest seller, with lots of cute dresses. Truth.

Needs to go to the tailor, but I have to get everything tailored-no big deal. I'm sure my magic tailor can shorten the sleeves, tighten up the sides, and hem it a little. Short people problems, am I right? I got a bra that's backless, so my ladies stay up. Can't have them all caterwonky at my birthday party!

In love. Would wear it to school, but I don't want people to get whiplash from all those double-takes!

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