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It seems scientists have found essentially an upper limit of human life span 115 years old.

Although making it past 100 years is rare today you have then another 15 years at most it appears.

What’s the Longest Humans Can Live? 115 Years, New Study SaysThe study, in Nature, suggests that humans “will never get older than 115.” But critics think we… Read on nytimes.​com


I am not sure I am convinced. Growing up in the 70s until now I have seen how seniors dress, act and activity. Look at clothing of just last century this is from (looks like 1930s)

As history goes that’s not too distant. Yet look at what seniors wear today, really many no different then what people in their 30s wear. Yes what has clothing go to do with it. Their frame of mind. Dress young, feel young. I am positive there is truth to that.

Look at activity levels of seniors two nominees 69 and 70. Thirty years ago a show about seniors was popular called Golden Girls. In 2016 a popular show is Major Crimes the three leads who run the division are in their 60s. Ryder,.Provenza and Flynn.


Yes 60s is fifty years short of 110 but much would be laughed at in the 1970s. Imagine thinking a 69 year old woman against a 70 year old man would be the party’s nominees one day if told in 1976. Or a drama crime series featuring a major crimes division in LA devoted to murders consisting mostly of those in their 60s it would be laughed at in a development meeting even in the 1980s.

Changing attitudes, expectations and a belief of age is how one feels. Along with medicine is really pushing the barriers. Sadly age also can be devasting such as alzheimers, severe arthitis and other age related problems. Yet we know these problems do not hit everyone.


I suspect by 2050 we would have developed gene therapy that will blow past 115. Although considering advances in medicine and attitudes it may be enough to regularly reach 115 if not 125. It will be tough but doable.

Thoughts? Too optimistic? Gah wrote too much?

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