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Hurt My Wrist And Kinda Down; Alum Interview; Weight Woes

Hi guys. I'm kinda down right now, and kinda excited at the same time.

The exciting news:

My application for a prestigious alumni council volunteer position was approved, and today I have my interview! I'm really happy to even be considered. This year was really competitive. It's a way to give back to my school, where I thrived. I hope I get through this!


Why I'm down:

I hurt my wrist again dancing. Got so bad yesterday that I had to go to the doctor and get an X-Ray. Thankfully, it's just sprained. However, I have to rest it. It's better today, but the main reason is because I don't know if I'll be able to dance this week. Dancing makes me happy, and it's great exercise. Second time this has happened in two weeks. I just want to dance.

Weight Woes:

If anyone gets offended, you don't have to read this part. However, it really is getting me down. I have some mild body dysmorphia, and this was a huge blow to my self esteem.


I had to be weighed at the doctors office, and it turned out that I was 4-5 pounds over my usual weight. I was severely distressed. Yes, it may seem trivial. Or self-absorbed. Or vain.

However, it's painful to see for me. Sure, it sounds like a small amount of gain. Now I'm reevaluating my food choices. I don't feel attractive. I don't know.


Trying to find the positives today, but it's hard when two things are getting me down.

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