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Mr Ivriniel and I went out to dinner at the local pub this evening. He’s been housebound the past couple of days, and I thought he could use the social time. Unfortunately, his bar buddy happened to be there. The guy is ok, if you avoid anything political, but on that front is so obnoxious that one time when the local Liberal riding association had a mixer at the bar, the wait staff actually bribed this guy not to come to the bar that night.

Anyways, talk turned to the fact that elementary teachers are currently engaged in a work to rule, and dude started going on about how we want more money. I told him that this is not the case. He insisted it was. I told it it was about strips to the contract. He demanded to know what the strips were. I tried to start listing them, but as per his usual MO, he repeatedly cuts me off mid sentence.

I point out that he never lets me finish, and he tells me to go, before immediately cutting me off again. He makes some crack about teachers always wanting more and getting raises. I point out we haven’t had a erase since 2008. He claims that as an employee of Ford Canada he hasn’t had a raises since 1999. (That sounded a bit suspicious when he said it, but I wasn’t going to get derailed on that. A quick googling turns up that Ford employees got merit based raises in 2012 and 2010, so if he’s claiming no raise since 1999, he can’t have much merit as an employee). He then says that his contract has had strips and he is glad we are getting strips, because it will make teachers live in the “real world”.


Then he demands to know why he should pay for anything for teachers. I say Public Education is a public good. He says “Really? Then why can’t our kids do math?” I say “Ontario kids do well in international testing in Math.” He says that’s bullshit and challenges me to prove it. I find a National Post article from Jan 2015 entitled “Contrary to Popular belief, Ontario’s Students are Actually Quite Good at Math”

The conversion goes on with the barfly continuing to interupt and challenge me every couple of words. He is standing beside our table shouting me down every time I start talking. Dude is tall, at least a head taller than me. Finally I get fed-up and say “You do this every time. You use your size and your loud voice to dominate the conversation and I am sick of it.”

He gets all offended then, saying I was calling him threatening. I do not actually find him threatening, but I do think he makes the unconscious decision to stand and hover as a dominance guesture. I also think based on how I have observed him with others that he cuts me off far more often then he does other men. He also makes unsupported statements all the time, and when I make statements I know to be factual he insists I am wrong. I really feel like this is gender based as well.


On that note he takes off in a huff saying there is no point in talking tonight. I say bye to him and turn back to Mr I, making a gesture towards him like “I don’t know.” At that moment whiney mansplainer says “I will be here tomorrow.” He sees half of my hand gesture and interprets it as me making a dismissive hand gesture towards him and complains loudly about that.

Yet another reason why I dislike that pub.

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