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Husband left for his vacation + OT

Update on my situation, and OT so I don’t feel so selfish with my whining.

Welp, he just left. I’m doing... okay. I told my stepsis I was freaking out and we made plans to do something tomorrow, and on Monday we’re taking littleraptor to see Storks and have lunch. Tuesday I’m going to take littleraptor to an indoor playground for a few hours. Plus we have our normal routine. I’m trying everything I can to keep us/myself busy and distracted. It’s going to be hardest in the evenings when Mr. Raptor usually comes home from work and we do family stuff, and then after littleraptor goes to bed and we hang out together. I bought a few fancy beers, chamomile tea, and epsom salts to soothe myself while he’s gone. I still feel a little panicky. I’m afraid it’s going to be hard to convince myself to leave the house, but I know I’ll have to.

I really, really appreciate all the helpful advice and comments you all left on my last post. It was all SO good and SO helpful. I really appreciate you guys. I might be posting here a lot while he’s gone, especially if I feel especially down, so be warned ;-)


And feel free to turn this into a weekend OT or whatever. <3 LOVE YOU GUYS.

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