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Hygenist: Some Folks Find This Relaxing

Really a metal pick scraping the teeth and gums is relaxing? Who? Besides Wilbur Force?

Oh god a cleaning out of Hell. Hell I say. Amazingly she thought I was doing a much better job on my teeth.


We started with the yearly gum test where she checked the pockets around each tooth. She used a pick.

Three in front and three in back of each tooth. Scores were averaging three.

A third of the way through this hellish exam she left to get an assistant who used clamps to keep my mouth open. About every seventh number hygenist said a number and “bleeding”. Seriously I did not need to hear that. Of course I tensed up.


After a long twenty minutes. Seemed like forever. She started cleaning my teeth by getting hardstuff off that forms in the mouth.Assistant still used metal clamps. Twice I felt a sharp pinching of course twice I pointed to the assistant since stuff was in my mouth.

She did put gel which did numb the gums. I was of course totally tense and of course my lips kept fighting them. 40 minutes later I was so utterly exhausted. She said “some folks find this relaxing”. She then polished them without the assistant.


An hour and five minutes later. She also looked exhausted. She wants to use novacaine the next time to numb the lips. I emphatically said “no needles”. She said she will use a bottle if possible. Is it? Needles in or around the mouth are the worst.

When I told my mother she said “that’s why you are labelled one of their most difficult patients”. That’s what the hygenist said a year ago to me when she just started.

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