Thanks guys so much for the source of SANITY in the last months. You have no idea, seriously. <3

Baby Apples was born after 36 hours (to the freaking minute!) of labour, 30 of which were smooooth sailing, and 6 of which got quite complicated and were pretty terrible. We also learned that I'm totally immune to multiple types of epidural. Fun! I didn't need to be induced in the end, and he was delivered 2.5hrs before the induction appointment, weirdly.


But, Applet is doing really well, and has been sleeping for many of his 36 hours. When we left the hospital, there were a lot of paparazzi/photographers for the royal babby, and we had to walk past I don't even know how many news/satellite vans. Total craziness!

Oh and even though I'm a big facebook slut, I never mentioned there that I was pregnant. I posted today to say about the baby and within 30 minutes I think I had about 15 messages of unsolicited, inane advice. Seriously considering starting a tumblr of this stuff....

Anyway, home now and quietly recovering :)