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Welcome To The Bitchery

If someone is having a heart attack, would there be a question as to whether or not they were having a heart attack?

Seriously keep in mind I'm a massive hypochondriac and every ache causes me to think THIS IS THE END.


But I'm having some odd chest pain in where I can only describe as the area surrounding my left boob. Specifically right above it and right underneath it, like near the top of my rib cage. It's like a really severe muscle soreness, and I'm also having it in my back on the left side. It's more of a sharp pain/soreness as opposed to pressure. It's kind of the same pain I get when I feel like I need to crack my back. It hurts more when I cough, which I'm doing because my throat hurts and my chest is a bit congested. And I'm wheezing mildly (not common, I don't have asthma or anything).

So I'm sure I probably just have, like, the flu. But I'm insane. So I think I'm having a heart attack.


Goodbye Groupthink. I shall miss thee.

But seriously though should I wake my mom up and call an ambulance or should I suck it up and pop some Tylenol with Codeine and sleep it off?



So I went over to Queen Fluffybutt and poked her til she woke up. She works in a cardiac cath lab in a hospital for like 20 years so I thought she might know. The conversation went as follows.

Me: Mom. I'm having a heart attack.

Mom: *opens one eye* Oh? Again?

Me: Yeah. It hurts bad here *points to left boob by armpit*

Mom: That's not where your heart is.


Mom: *gives me "my daughter is a moron" look* You pulled a muscle.

Me: But...but my back hurts too! Right here! Like where my lung is!

Mom: Ok, you pulled a muscle and you're sick. Take some Tylenol.

Me: How do you know I'm not having a heart attack?!

Mom: Because you're 22 years old. Is my phone done charging? Can you bring it in here?

Me: Yeah, it's done. Thanks mom.

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