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Hysterectomy, Young, No Kids?

Does anyone have experience with getting a hysterectomy sans kids and young (under 30)? I’ve been dealing with uterus problems for the last year, and finally confirmed a surgery date. In talking with my surgeon and going over my MRI, turns out the situation could be worse than initially anticipated. I hedged originally and said to do as much as possible while keeping the uterus solely due to my age, but I’m not so sure now. I don’t want kids, and I hate the idea of dealing with this same issue in the future (and it will come back, whatever the problem ends up being...but they have to explore to confirm). It’s just a scary prospect to make a permanent decision. I KNOW I don’t want kids, but to take the option away? I’m having a hard time making that decision even though it feels like a good one to me.


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