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Try saying that ten times with your tongue twisted! That’s the procedure I had done today. Luckily it didn’t hurt that bad, but that could be due to the prescription strength ibuprofen I took before I went in. It turns out that I’m pretty healthy in my nether regions despite pushing forty. Which is to say we have no idea why I’m not pregnant already. I’m blaming mrchien, just cuz. Although he did buy me a shake after. :)

I’m now spending the rest of the day lying in bed and dripping out dye from my bits. I’m wondering if I should take another ibuprofen to avoid further pain or if I’m good to go...

Oh and on a happy note, I turn in the physical copy of my thesis tomorrow and return the gown and hood. I have noooo idea what’s next.


So feel free to share your own invasive medical procedure stories with me! I’ll dismiss any if you need me too after sharing.

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