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I <3 my Congressman

NEW YORK STATE — As a result of the shutdown, two New York Congressman have decided to give up their paychecks.

Both Representatives Paul Tonko and Sean Patrick Maloney released statements Wednesday.

Tonko said, "I believe people should only get paid if they actually do their jobs. That’s why I will not accept my salary while the government is shut down. My focus remains on furloughed workers, children who are missing out on vital Head Start services, and millions of other Americans that are feeling the pain."

Maloney, meanwhile, released a statement saying in part, "Until Congress ends this irresponsible shutdown, I won't accept a penny - Members of Congress shouldn't get a better deal than the families at West Point and Stewart Air National Guard."



It's nice to know that there are still good public servants in the midst of all this messiness.

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