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I accidentally ate some drugs yesterday.

Sorry you guys, I might not be commenting for a while as I will be voluntarily admitting myself to a psychiatric hospital, as yesterday, I accidentally ate some drugs. I don't know how long I will be away, or if I will ever get out.

It all happened when I was meeting up with some friends to play D&D, because I'm cool like that. A friend offers me some "cookie" in a thick ziplock package. I put my hand in but there is no more whole cookies. "All the cookies are eaten." I say innocently.


"No, try the crumbs," she says, handing me the bag again. "These must be some tasty cookies if I'm being told to try the crumbs!" I think to myself. I grab a pinch of the moist crumbs

As soon as I sprinkle them in my mouth I realize something is off. This taste is familiar. A taste I hadn't had since I was a no-ambition reefer fiend on the express bus down the highway to hell. "Is this a pot cookie?"

"Oh yeah, I thought you would assume that because the package says, 'medical marijuana' and has a pot leaf on it," my friend replies. What am I? Sherlock fucking Holmes? Like a busy man on-the-go like me has the time to carefully inspect whatever sketchy cookie crumbs he sticks in his mouth. If I did that I'd never get anything done.

Being that I haven't smoked pot in about five years those few crumbs made me HIGH AS FUCK. I may have permanent brain damage. I won't know until I am able to see the doctor.

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