Not accidentally per say, but!

I always ALWAYS post Snopes articles to Facebook posts my friends and family pass along. My conservative and naive extended family just need to be reminded, ya know? Well, there's new nonsense being passed around, and I, once again, pointed out the malarkey. Something about a WalMart scam of cashiers taking money? Well, apparently one of my aunts friends is taking my helpfulness as a personal affront. I posted that 2 hours ago, and she has sent no less then 6 separate comments telling me I'm an asshole and I probably do this exact thing at my job, and how can I so blindly believe Snopes, don't I know it's just some random Canadian couple? It's apparently okay to just continually send comments, instead of writing just one long one?

I know Facebook is silly, but I truly am just trying to help! Maybe, just maybe one of these people will see something is bogus and think before acting. Am I still a troll for believing deep down that people are not really this stupid?