I don't have a griddle, so I use my widest sauce pan for making pancakes, French toast, etc. I couldn't remember what I had last used this particular pan for, but aside from breakfast things, I usually cook granola or fajitas in it, so I figured it had to be one of those two. Nope. As soon as I started eating the French toast and felt a burning sensation, it was then I remembered the last thing that was in that pan was habanero hot sauce. FML. I mean, flavors don't usually transfer between dishes, but habaneros are so strong, it makes sense there would still be a remnant of it in the pan even after cleaning it. The burn was tolerable for the first 1.5 pieces of toast, but I had to stop eating it after that. I felt really, really bad, but my girlfriend just thought it was funny as hell. There is one silver lining to this mistake — my previously congested sinuses are feeling pretty great right now.