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I actually...sort of agree with Dr. Phil

What is the world coming to?!

So Grandma is watching Dr. Phil, and I missed the beginning of the episode, but what I've gathered is that there's this 19 year old woman who's mom and stepdad are kind of...nuts. They, like, have a gps tracker on her phone and monitor her computer and tap the land line, and they have some sort of timed lock on the house so if she comes home after like 11 pm then she gets locked out. I mean, the 19 year old seems alright. She has a kid and no job but she seems relatively decent, albeit a bit lazy. And the parents found a dimebag or something in her car and are like SHE'S A DRUG ADDICT.

So it comes out that the 19 year old was molested by a family member for 13 years, and the mom somehow didn't know even though the girl told her about it. I guess she didn't believe her or something. So Dr. Phil is like, to the mom, "I'm assuming you pressed charges against this man, right?" and the mom is all "well, no, she's an adult now" and Dr. Phil started flipping his shit and was like "SHE WAS FOUR WHEN IT STARTED IT DOESN'T MATTER HOW OLD SHE IS NOW." And then he goes "so you didn't believe her, you didn't press charges, you didn't get her therapy, and you actively made her see this family member even after she told you what happened. What the hell is wrong with you?"


Grandma changed the channel so I don't know how it will end, but I was amazed that I actually agreed with Dr. Phil cuz I usually hate him.

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