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I admire the squad so much

Watching their press conference now. Will pore over a transcript of their remarks later - right now I am just crying.

They are smart, brave, and compassionate (and passionate). I admire them for standing up for us when they have to deal DAILY with a racist president, death threats, colleagues who do not support them, and dickwad white supremacists, etc.

On MSNBC this evening a commentator said something about Trump wanting a white America. This is not a new comment or concept - I have said it myself, but today it made me viscerally ill. I DO NOT WANT A WHITE AMERICA.


My life has been exceptionally and positively influenced by diversity. I grew up in one of the most diverse parts of our country. I want the rest of America to look more like that. Everyone would benefit. Everyone.

I really want a squad tshirt.

Also, impeach the motherf&cker.  I called my representative and senators to say pretty much that today.  I am back to calling them every week, and I would really like to encourage all of you to do so too.  It doesn’t matter if they are red or blue, they need to hear from you. (OMG - that needs to be a slogan!).

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