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Now that I've made all the grammar nerds cringe... mwahahahahaha (it's ok, I kind of hate myself that I've picked up cheezburger speak.)

I came in this afternoon after dropping Husband at work, and realized what a disaster my place was. So I swept the kitchen and hall, cleaned the counters and stove, had kid #2 take out recycling and sweep the bathrooms, and put away all the random crap lying around. Then I moved into the living room, picked up all the toys/video game boxes/assorted junk, swept, folded a basket of laundry, did 3 more loads of our laundry, did Almost BIL's laundry (he babysat for free last night, so fair's fair), and helped TeenChild clean up the basement so he could have friends over. I had the little kids doing all the up-and downstairs running for me (so no one could complain that they didn't all have to help!)


Then I told the kids it's "fend for yourself" for dinner (there's loads of leftovers), made myself a peanut butter and swiss cheese sandwich and a glass of lemonade, and went and sat in the bathtub to eat! I am le tired now, and my biggest plans include finishing my library book, and maybe playing some Plants Vs. Zombies.

Tomorrow, there will be more laundry doing, and sorting, and folding, and (hopefully) putting away.

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