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I Adulted the SHIT out of today

Really, I was fed up with a dysfunctional kitchen and pissy about the kitchen table being messy so I went on down to Bed, Bath and Beyond* and Target and unfucked some shit.

  • Got a new silverware drawer organizer. The old one was plastic and falling apart so BYE BYE.
  • Got new silverware. For some reason, all the silverware in the house has gone missing the last few months (I didn't ask, but I suspect my mom has been taking the forks to work and leaving them there). So huzzah! Organized silverware drawer!
  • I moved the silverware from the broken drawer to a functioning drawer. (Will figure out how to fix broken drawer)
  • I got a holder for utensils (like tongs and big spoons) so they aren't all willy-nilly in the kitchen drawers. They are now out where we can see them and easily get to them.
  • I got new kitchen curtains. The old ones were stained and gross and icky and terrible to look at.
  • I got drawer organizers for chopsticks and condiments! Now they aren't all over the kitchen table in random bowls and on trays.
  • I cleared everything but the fruit bowl off the kitchen table.
  • I got some new tongs (as the old ones were broken long ago) and an egg slicer (because it was $3.99 and I like egg on my salads...don't judge me)
  • I got a new shower curtain liner because the old one was mildewed. I threw out the old curtain as well because it was gross. I put up a new shower curtain that I got on a commercial (FOR FREE, SWAG). I used some old glass shower hooks I'd gotten from Target a few years ago.
  • I got a hanger with a bunch of hooks on it for my closet so I can FINALLY get rid of my belt and scarf Rat King ball that's been hiding in my closet
  • Lastly, I got a drawer organizer for my room so I have a place to put all my bits and bobs (random jewerly, nail clippers, tiny perfume samples, what little make-up I have, that sort of thing) away

Basically, I unfucked the kitchen. I am unreasonably proud of myself but I don't give a shit. I have a right to live in a nice, clean space. Tomorrow, we begin THE BEDROOM.

*Do not go to Bed, Bath and Beyond unless you want to buy all the things. I was seriously looking at a trash can that had a tiny recycle bin inside. I do not need one. I wanted one.

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