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I almost rage-sploded but it's ok now.

I've been trying to get tickets for a Flogging Molly concert for like 2 months. I live in Montana, literally no one comes to shout music at us, people. And the website that I was intending to buy tickets from was constantly failing, having broken infinite-loop links, or just not loading an actual page. It was very frustrating.

So today I went to the page and it said the concert was sold out. FUCKING SOLD OUT AGH MURDER. My wonderful husband, delightfully intrepid individual that he is, found me a local music store that had tickets. The store was down to about 5, but I acquired the necessary ticketage! So not everything ended in tragedy and murder today, which is good. And I get to go see Flogging Molly in a few weeks, hooray, so I'm very happy and not full of rage now.


And yes, I know I probably should have just used my brain-hole and called the venue. Derp.

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