So I've been sort of hermitty for the entire year (this is an understatement). I haven't been making a huge effort to see my friends, because in general I'd rather be alone watching tv, reading or studying than with people. I found out today that one of my very good(?) friends is moving away for two months, and she didn't even tell me herself. I got invited second hand by another friend to going away get together.

Granted, 2 months isn't that long, and she's not going that far away, buutt now I feel like a crappy person for having no idea what goes on in anybody's life except my own. What if I'm such a bad person that my friends don't like me anymore?! I have an inkling that they don't always even invite me places, because I usually say no.

What is happening to me? It's like my introversion has reached extreme levels, but I'm finding it difficult to care enough to try harder. I am an awful person, but I deal with enough people in my life that by the time I get a chance to contribute to a friendship, I just have nothing to offer.

Sorry for being self-indulgent and whiny. Friday sucks.