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I am a bad person

I've been in the dumps for the past couple of days, because we aren't doing anything for Christmas. We were sort of invited to visit friends, but they decided to do something else and do New Years with us instead. For years we did Christmas with this one other couple, but about 10 years ago, the wife started becoming kind of nuts in an unpleasant way, and then they moved to Florida anyway. (They also became rabid Fox News RWNJs). I never wanted to do Christmas with my parents, because between my father (1) moping that all the kids weren't there; (2) moping that we weren't children waiting for Santa anymore; (3) moping that nobody was baking him cookies; and (4) my mother fat shaming me and watching every bite I took - well, it's pretty self explanatory by now, especially since it also entailed flying at the holiday. My parents are both dead now, so I don't even have to feel guilty about not going down there for Christmas anymore.

We spent two recent Christmases with my brother and his wife, and they were both pretty weird. My brother has my father's hot-button temper, AND he and his wife (who is dead now) drink heavily, while husband and I don't. It's a little awkward being sober with drunk people, even though we don't disapprove. It's a holiday, celebrate, but please don't fight. (They fought.) They were tolerable, but I don't really like my brother that much. Now my brother lives down in Florida down the street from my sister, and I was beginning to wonder whether we should have just gone down there....

....and my sister just called me to tell me that she had a HUGE fight with my brother last night because they were at a restaurant and he was drunk and hitting on her husband's adult daughter. And I'm thinking, phew, guess we dodged a bullet there. I like my sister, but she has a temper, too. She also gets mad when people get drunk, and her husband, his daughters, and my brother all drink. She also has issues with her husband's kids. So Christmas down there will probably be a little exciting for our tastes.


We just put the ham in the oven. We have a dark chocolate pecan pie from Whole Foods for dessert. We have fixings for hot chocolate. We have our dogs with us. We'll be sleeping in our own bed. Tomorrow we'll have our Christmas lobsters. Okay, we don't have a tree up, and my gift for the husband didn't get here yet, and it isn't terribly creative, butit's not so bad. In fact, it's probably the best of the possibilities.

I'm sorry my sister isn't enjoying herself, but she's kind of inflexible. Hearing what's going on down there DID make me feel better, though it shouldn't. I told her next year she should leave them on their own and come do Christmas with us, no one will be drunk. Won't happen, but we offered.

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