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I am a disaster (plus some light TMI) (plus OT if you want)

I was off of work since Wednesday due to my grandparents stopping through town on their way to see the rest of my family, and then going to a festival in neighboring town Lafayette all weekend. So of course, I made a million poor decisions about eating spicy meaty garbage (Cajun country!) and drinking as much alcohol as Mardi Gras. As if I am 20 and can handle more than one Mardi Gras in a year (I’m not and I can’t)! Oh and basically not sleeping.

So I was not like this:


But really more like this (except not a juggalo, but still same expression on face. and, like Rebel here, I was definitely not the one wearing “society’s costume”):

I am in a haze and I’m pretty sure my eyes are closed right now. I mean, maybe I can just see through my bottom eyelids? I could barely see my eyes in the mirror this morning. Do I still have eyelashes? There’s no way of knowing. According to this mirror, I also aged 10 years in the past three days. Either the mirror can’t be trusted, or all other mirrors before can’t be trusted.

There’s a gargle in my throat. I’m not going to throw up or anything. It’s just making gargles. When my office mate arrives in a little while she’s going to LOVE IT. It feels like a gremlin is whispering to me from inside my own head.


I CANNOT STOP POOPING. I was up a good two hours last night pooping. I mean, on the plus side, gotta get the poison out but it seemed excessive.


OT if you wanna!

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