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Erin wrote a good piece about how the NFL does not give a fuck about women and is perfectly happy to condone and enable abuse as long as it thinks its in its own best interest, and that continuing to support the NFL in whatever way while claiming to be against misogyny makes you a hypocrite. I agree, supporting the NFL at this point is morally wrong. That being said, I am a hypocrite. On Thursday night I jumped off my couch excited when the Seahawks ran what was pretty much the platonic ideal of a read option, on their way to routing the Packers. Watching Atlanta's last second field goals to beat New Orleans had my heart in my throat even if I'm not really a fan of either team. I giggle to myself like an idiot watching the Antonio Brown-Karate Kid mashup, even after having seen it a half-dozen times already.


On reading the piece, my first attempt was to try and rationalize my football fandom. It's a natural reaction, I love watching football, I love cheering for my team, I love cheering against anyone name Harbaugh. I love the Sunday, Sunday Night, and Monday Night. I love celebrating wins, and commiserating with fellow fans about how the refs screwed Seattle and handed Pittsburgh a Superbowl. And I told myself that there were are a few ways to justify my cheering-on of the NFL (and some of them even have a hint of validity, perhaps the biggest being that if the target consumers of the NFL do not object to things that are wrong, than there is no incentive to improve, ie. the "change from the inside" strategy). But by and large, Erin is right. Cheering on the NFL while claiming to oppose so many of the things they clearly stand for is hypocritical as fuck. I recognize this, as we all should. The NFL, from Roger Goodell on down, is a morally abhorrent organization who will screw over the health and well-being of its players, employees, and anyone remotely associated with the game to rake in a single dollar more.

But despite all that, I am still a hypocrite. I will watch the games tonight, and I will probably enjoy doing it. I am not sure what that says about me, but that is just how it is. And fuck the NFL for making it this way.

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