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I am a medical mess!

Last night at work I was trying to really quickly get some mushrooms sliced, and I swung the handle of the slicer back to rest it on itself, didn't get it right, and it swung back and hit me HARD in the top part of my nose. It was a very heavy piece of metal. I had to file a report and call a nurse line, but it doesn't seem to be broken. I figured I'd have a black eye this morning, but luckily I don't. It hurts so much though. I had some Vicodin left over from my appendectomy, so I took some last night and this morning,

On top of that, I've had a kidney stone for a few weeks now. It happened just like last time I had one. I thought I had a UTI because I was peeing all the time, went to the doctor and they were like, "Nope, you have a kidney stone!" This one is smaller than the last, so I'm trying to get it to come out. I had to have surgery last time because I was in so much pain and the damn thing wouldn't move—I'm really not looking to relive that process. I've been taking this natural stuff called Breakstone, but I haven't been taking it regularly enough (it's hard to remember when it's time to take it and sometimes at work I really don't have time!) A couple night ago I did a shot of 2 ounces of olive oil and 2 ounces lemon juice. It wasn't really as bad as it sounds going down, but it made me feel nauseated for 24 hours after. I just want to give birth to this kidney stone baby. I don't care about the pain—the pain and recovery of surgery is worse.

Apparently my seizure med (Zonegran) is a possible cause of kidney stones, and I tried to switch it a few years ago to Keppra and then Lamictal, but that was so traumatic that I had to just go back and deal with the possible consequences of more stones. I read that if it's a Calcium stone, that means I'm not getting enough calcium, so I bought more of my favorite calcium supplement. It's called Adora and it is amazing. Throw away your Viactiv and buy some of this stuff even though it's more expensive. It's this little chocolate disc. It tastes like you're eating a chocolate candy.


Sorry for any typos, the Vicodin is still in my system after 6 hours. I need some caffeine because I need to leave for work in less than 2 hours!!!

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