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I Am A Role Model

Today has been the most productive day on Earth. I would like to introduce you to an App for your interwebs called Pomodoro (Lifehacker did a thing on it once I think). The "Pomodoro Technique" is working in 25 minute intervals with 5 minute breaks, and then a longer break after a couple hours. This app just runs a timer for you. I am disciplined enough to do what the timer says without needing to block my interwebs or anything.

Also, the 25 minute intervals are perfect because they don't ever feel long. And when I get up to get a coffee or something, there is an alarm pulling me back before I start cleaning or something.

I am an artist and when I have a commission, I have to sit down and do it start-to-finish because I don't actually have much free time in my life, and shit can take forever. So the day was productive not in that I got a million things done, but that I pretty much got one huge thing done (that usually is riddled with distraction). I sat down in my studio at 10am, dressed and ready to go, took a lunch break, and a dinner break, and I am almost done with my project at 7:15pm. I cannot express enough how rare it is for me to sit down and work on my own in my house for a series of hours.


Very little Groupthinking, very little Facebooking, no Wikipediaing or Googling or any nonsense.

Now it's party time. I'm going to revel in my unnecessarily high self esteem while you all worship me.

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