So, it's like 105 in the valley today, so I packed up the halfpence and escaped to SF for the night. We did our usual—ferry in, wine purchase, hotel check in. Now he is napping and I am taking a bath. For no other reason than it's WHAT I DO.

His school closed down for the week so I had to take some time off, which is why I am in a Kimpton leopard terry robe (seriously, though, I love their hotels for that reason alone), watching Golden Girls and taking a bubble bath. On 2pm. On a Monday.

This is also my strategy for remaining sane in the wake of the SCOTUS ruling this morning. I had JUST read the HL profile in Time last night. I came away from it with so many feelings, the most intense of which was " could never happen, I mean...not really." Guess I was wrong :-/