The Geekboy is super burned out and hates his job. He's at work now, making up some hours. Seriously though if he just got a better job, it would be such a relief to him (and me).

Today to be helpful I brushed the cats, cleaned the house, and now I'm on CareerBuilder and Monster for him. I'm going through job applications playing secretary for him. Because seriously that's like the worst of part of changing jobs. There is however a bottle of white wine in the fridge that I'm dreaming of. I'm also netlfixing in air-conditioning so grand scheme it's not much of a hardship.

Tomorrow we're going to my parent's he's setting up their new computer and tablet (bless his heart because my mother will be asking 4 million questions).

Oh man the cats are napping and they look so cute and comfy, I've been up since 7:30am but if I take a nap I'll just sleep for 4 hours.