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I am annoyed

Last night I had one of those "I can't believe I used to date you!" moments. Or entire nights.

I used to date this guy, we were pretty serious but we broke up about 4 years ago. We spent some time avoiding each other for our hearts' sake, but we've recently been seeing hanging out because we're on the same quizzo team. His wife is also on the team, and they were married just the week before last at City Hall. They are generally adorable, but these last few weeks they have gotten on my nerves.

This ex loves old movies, and especially Katherine Hepburn. Last night he told me about a movie he watched last week, where she played an Asian queen of some sort, and her eyes were taped and they drew black lines under then to make her look Asian "It was pretty offensive" he said, and his wife nodded in agreement. She then came out with "I know! It was like, feminist propaganda! She sang some song about how she knew a man loved her because he gave her freedom and a book!"


Combine that with last week, when they told me they got married. I congratulated them, and toasted them. Wife mentioned at some point that she's "A [ex-bf's last name] now!" I asked her if she hyphenated or changed her name entirely, and she said she changed it. She then went on this rant about how women should really always change their names, unless he has a really awful name. Then ex-bf goes on this longer rant about how George Carlin says keeping your last name is stupid because it's not really preserving anything. I mean, people are allowed to do whatever they want with their last names. I'm surprised that ex-bf went on his rant, though, because we talked about how I didn't want to change my name when we were dating. I knew he disagreed with me, but I wouldn't be rude enough to call his view "stupid", plus I'm pretty sure George Carlin, whatever his message was, was a little more subtle than that.

Anyway, I just needed to get that off my chest. I consider it bullet, dodged.

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